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Redcore Hospitality Holdings has selectively assembled a portfolio of investments in the Hospitality, Travel sectors starting with assets exceeding Euro 2bn which will include high end / mid-size hotels in both capital cities and resort / touristic areas, Boutique style. The acquisitions will be funded through a substantial equity injection linked to creatively structured moderate in loan to value financing.

Redcore provides the opportunity to invest and join in the global leisure revolution following the COVID era.

At Redcore, we recognize that the traditional retail offices and industrial real estate markets are currently saturated and overpriced. Moreover, the shift towards remote work due to the ongoing Covid pandemic has made new and opportunistic investments in these sectors risky and unappealing.

However, we see tremendous potential and attractive investment opportunities in the hospitality and travel sectors. These sectors offer the chance to create alternative investment portfolios with competitive yields. Redcore stands out by providing industry-leading investments in key luxury hotel markets across the USA, Europe, Oceania, and selectively in African destinations. Our focus is on lifestyle, leisure, and independent hotels that cater to discerning travelers.

While we primarily invest in existing high-performing properties that have the potential for even greater success, we also explore greenfield development projects in Africa and the central and southern Pacific regions. This allows us to tap into emerging markets and leverage the growth potential in these areas.

At Redcore, we are committed to identifying unique opportunities in the hospitality and travel sectors, offering investors the chance to diversify their portfolios and achieve higher returns in promising markets.

About Us

At Redcore we believe the traditional retail offices and industrial real estate markets are currently saturated and overpriced, rendering new and opportunistic investments risky and undesirable.

On the other hand, the Hospitality, and Travel sectors offer great opportunities to create alternative investment portfolios at competitive investment yields.

Redcore offers an industry-leading investment in key Hotel markets in the USA  in western and central Europe, Oceania and selective African destinations, with emphasis on lifestyle, leisure and independent hotels.

We are investing in existing high performing properties with a potential for higher performance but will also look at green field development projects in Africa, southern pacific…